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Specialty Tattoo Ink - Permanent Makeup & Asthetics Tattoos

Three tattoo ink color black, brown, & red

In simple terms, speciality ink is ink that is made of mixed ink colors! To get the new pastel colors and water colors that are so vibrant and well… colorful often tattoo artists mix ink colors before the client arrives to achieve the specific desired color “Pop” to compliment the client. This is not only for graphic tattoos but often for permanent make up, such as eyebrows and eye liner, also esthetic ink used in re-constructed aureoles.

What does this have to do with Envision Laser Removal, and the tattoo removal process?  Once an ink color is mixed with another color it becomes a mystery of sorts for the laser tattoo removal process for the client. So the tattoo removal client needs to be aware of the number treatments needed to remove their ink, we use 3 lasers of varying color spectrum’s know as nano-meters to express the varieties of ink and therefore a  client my need multiple laser treatments to remove the varying colors once the new colors become visible.  For example. a typical new black tattoo requires any where from 6 to 8 treatments.  Sometimes artist use colors such as white, peach, and pink which laser treatment of these colors come with paradoxical darkening.

So what does this mean for permanent make up clients who wish to have tattoo removal?  It means that the removal process of your ink will not be one and done! The laser tattoo removal process is actually a fading to a blank slate optimally. Trust in the process. The good news is that Envision Laser Removal is with you for your removal journey, whether that is 3 treatments or more !!!!

Susan M. Wells

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