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Hurricane IAN vs. Tattoo Removal

Stop, Wait, Go!

How is Hurricane Ian and laser tattoo removal similar?


After this past hurricane Ian , we that stayed, are familiar with…

Waiting for the storm to be over.!!!!

Waiting to see the end results of the wind,

Waiting for power, water, and services to be turned on,

Waiting for the results of the hurricane to show us our damages.

Just waiting, and waiting, and more waiting!


When you start the tattoo removal process it is very similar to the same concerns.

Waiting to see removal results. Waiting to see the end result. Waiting for the unwanted tattoo to be gone!

Waiting for the process to be finally over.

Just waiting, waiting, waiting.


In the laser tattoo removal process the waiting is the most important factor. The client has to give their body time to heal and process the ink through their lymphatic system. The longer the client waits between laser treatments the more time your body’s given to dispose of the unwanted ink. Statistics show better results when clients wait 4 to 8 weeks between sessions. Most clients want to rush the process and wait only the minimum of time. The minimum time between sessions however doable could require you to have more sessions in the end. You could spend more money as an end result.

At Envision Laser Removal we encourage our clients to stay the course and allow their bodies to do the work of disposing of the unwanted treated ink. The human body is a marvel and doesn’t want that ink there any more than you do

Susan M. Wells

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